The Rotten. WIP #3

So I’ve been out of action for a while but now I’m back in the saddle, it’s time to talk arms..



I drilled a small hole and added some wire, using another arm for scale I bent and cut until I was happy with the length.

Next I placed the unfinished weapon to the wire arms and glued it in place, very simple stuff at this point but next I’ll sculpt the arms and hands to the gun and that will keep it all in place.



The Rotten. WIP #2

A little update to show I’ve not given up before I got started. Done a bit of sculpting to the boots, now I say a bit because it doesn’t look much but the picture doesn’t show how many times I changed my mind and started again..

When the GS is solid I will probably streamline the toe area more so it looks less chunky.





The Rotten. WIP #1

I’m going to be starting this journey to the depths with a Nurgle gang. These boys are not a cult but I will explain myself later.

starting with let’s say a henchmen for now, I’ve gone into a box set called dark vengeance and pulled a plastic cultist out and put him to the knife.



Now ive stripped the little fella back its time to build him back up. I use GW Greenstuff, I always have so I’m just used to it now. I have started on the legs and I’m looking for a baggy, lightweight look so lots of creases needed.